Mara's 5th Birthday pARTy!

Mara's 5th Birthday pARTy!

Mara's 5th Birthday pARTy!

Hosting birthday parties has been my passion since I was a child. My mom once told me as an adult "After each birthday party of yours, you'd immediately begin planning next year's birthday party" What can I say? I love a good party! When Whitney approached me about hosting her daughter Mara's 5th birthday party at the studio I knew we would hit it out of the park together! 

Mara & Mom came into the shop the week before her party to discuss party favors, the day of details & what theme Mara wanted for her very own art lesson. She chose cats for the theme - so I picked Paul Klee's Cat and Bird painting as our inspiration.
On the day of the party, I decorated the shop with a balloon bouquet for Mara & set the table for her and her 10 guests. Paint, paper, crayons & water cups were set out. The kids did not hesitate to create upon arrival, they were so excited to see the art supplies that they got started right away! 

After some redirection, I instructed the group to write their names (on a new sheet of paper). I began by showing the girls how to draw a cat using simple shapes. We used crayons to create a wax resist with watercolor on watercolor paper. I'm a big fan of the masking technique and love the texture of the crayon in contrast to the smooth watercolor.

After modeling these steps at the easel I let the kids go with the paints. This time they had a little more instruction on how to use the paints!

PC: Faith Gedwillo

We used liquid watercolors for this project which are super easy to clean afterwards and have such saturated pigment. 

The girls were so sweet and did a fantastic job on their mini-masterpieces! After they finished their art I had the pieces drying on the drying rack while I cleaned up the palettes. While the paintings dried Whitney & her husband took over the entertainment with cake, juice boxes & gifts. I had tablecloths that the kids could color on while they ate cake. 

If you're interested in hosting your private party with art instruction please contact me! I would love to accommodate your group whether it be kids or adults. Birthday parties, showers, bachelorette parties, etc. The possibilities for a pARTy are endless!




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